In March, back in the day...

...I was spawned. It was during a snowstorm, actually. Something my Cancerian Mother says I did on purpose.


Upon birth, instead of cradling me in her arms, I was whisked away to the ICU while my Mother shouted from her bed, "What time is it?" You can't have that ascendant off by a nanosecond. That woman wanted to know what she was getting in to.


Pisces Sun & Moon, Taurus rising, with Mars just hovering over the horizon, and Saturn perched ominously on the Ascendant. Venus trine Jupiter. A blessing from the powers that be. 


That may look like a different language to you. But it's one I know fluently.  I've been a lifelong student of Astrology since 1986, if not before. 

Upon seeing my chart and that double Pisces rising, famed Astrologer, the late Kathryn de Jersey said: "this one is gifted." I wouldn't go that far. I'm just here to serve my purpose.


I'm here to help. With care, honesty, discretion, and in a way that's realistic and tangible. I can do a myriad of charts and Life Coaching to help you find your path and answer your questions.


There's a Higher Power, free will, and Astrology. Astrology is a map to guide you and tool to utilize when making choices. I can help you do both to your advantage so you can do you.


Book today. See what the stars say for you. 

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