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Beyond Mercury Retrograde; Jupiter Retrograde and What it Means to You.

Updated: May 6, 2018

It is true, Mercury is not the only planet to retrograde. It’s just the most famous. Actually, everything retrogrades except the Sun and the Moon. Right now, we’re knee deep in a party called Jupiter Retrograde, and some people are having a come to Jesus, or whoever your deity is, meeting, and they’re not digging it.

Jupiter RX’s every 13 months for about a four month span. In 2018, it started at 23 degrees (placement on a chart) Scorpio and will finish on July 10 at 13 degrees Scorpio. Anyone born with a natal Jupiter RX is probably like “meh.” Everyone else is wondering why people won’t mind themselves.

They can’t. Jupiter is now up in their grill, making them face themselves whether they like the view or not. According to AstrologyKing.com, Jupiter is a, “personal cleansing of body and soul” and, “is a time of philosophical or spiritual reflection.”

Here’s how some of Jupiter RX may manifest:

  • Cleaning house, dumping toxic people and relationships. Does that person serve a purpose in your life? No. Ghost out.

  • Being broken of bad habits no matter how much kicking and screaming you do.

  • Being tested to see if you’re actually worthy of what it is that you want.

  • Happy and friendly people are out of the blue straight up haters.

  • Gambling and the lottery? Unless you were born with a well aspected Jupiter to the 5th house of luck, you’re not so lucky.

So, what can you do about all of this mayhem during a Jupiter RX? Well, it’s Jupiter, which for the most part is usually pretty awesome. So it can’t be that bad. You have options that don’t involve always wailing things like “Ugh…I hate Jupiter (insert Mercury) Retrograde.

  • Again, ghost out of relationships that don’t serve you. It’s ok. Even if you’ve known them for years and they’re a “nice person.” If there’s nothing there but memories, Jupiter RX has opened the door for you to walk through, no looking back.

  • Take a good, long, hard, serious look at yourself. Do you like what you see? Is that a no I hear? That’s cool. Jupiter RX gives you the freedom and the power to change things, always reaching for a better version of yourself. But think long and hard about what you don’t like and why. More so, how you’re going to make your changes so they stick and you don’t have to do it all again during the next Jupiter RX.

  • Stand firm in the face of adversity and press on. Don’t be Jupiter’s b*tch. Don’t be Saturn’s b*tch either, but that’s for another blog at another time. Pluto and Mars, you’re their b*tch. Make peace with it.

  • Don’t hedge your bets. Don’t bet on anything. Don’t drop your gas money on lottery tickets either. Betting horses? Meh…the irony in it is Jupiter’s ruling sign is Sagittarius, which is half man, half horse. A $5 to Place. Ok. $100 on an Exactca? Nay Nay. No pun again.

Now that you were kind enough to read this, how have you noticed Jupiter RX manifesting in your life? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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May The Stars Shine Upon You,


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