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Chiron in Aries has started. Party on.

So, this is a BFD. I swear to you, it is. Chiron, a psychic stone, the wounded healer, that makes you serve or suffer, just entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and it ain’t leaving until April 14, 2027. That’s a long ass time to decide if you’re going to serve or suffer.

** Sorry, I couldn't get any cool Chiron pictures without "borrowing" from another blog so you can google it or don't worry about it. If you know astrology, you already know what it looks like. If you don't, do a reading with me and I'll show you.**

Disclaimer: Chiron does retrograde back into Pisces from July 5th to September 26th, 2018. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and with Neptune already in its home sign causing most Pisces to become clergy, addicts, or psychics, or all, it couldn’t leave soon enough.

Once back into Aries, Chiron can get on with the business of exposing what makes you raw or building you from what makes you strong. It depends on you and how you handle Chiron’s lessons. They aren’t always fun. Actually, they usually suck. The “wounded healer,” as you recall.

If you were born between 1969 and 1977, (That would be you, Gen X) at around age 50 you’ll have your Chiron return, meaning transiting Chiron with meet up with natal Chiron, and then you’ll really see what you’re made of. If you thought your Saturn return was an ass kicker, think of Chiron as Saturn’s Little Helper asking you if you’re tougher than the rest (Springsteen song lyric). Then maybe slapping you around a little just to show you who’s boss.

Just what you want for your 50th birthday, a test to your very soul. Personally, I was hoping for a David Yurman necklace instead.

The interesting thing about Chiron making a home in Aries for the next nine…is it nine…years or so is that Aries is all about “me” and the ego. Here comes Chiron, ready to show the world what you’re really made of, whether you like it or not. I can now see why people have identity crisis at a Chiron return. But serious crap is about to happen with Chiron in Aries because Chiron is really going to push the boundaries of who you are and what makes you tick, and show it to EVERYONE for all that it’s worth, be it good, bad, dirty, ugly, or pretty.

The world is about to see you, for you, as you. Raw. Uncensored. Stripped. You.

Can you hack it? There’s no corresponding planets coming in aspect to save you, except for Jupiter who eventually makes a cameo in Aries to lighten the load for a hot second.

I know. Heavy stuff, yes? But it can transform you into the best possible version of you if you let Chiron do its job.

Think of it as pulling off a band aid and exposing the wound. How does it look? Not that bad. You’re still standing. Congrats. Chiron did it’s job and you’ll be just fine.

My natal Chiron is in Aries and its conjunct my natal Mercury, opposing Uranus. Then here comes transiting Chiron to sit on my already sore spot of communication and confusion. I’m either going to lose my sh*t, or look at the tattoo on my side that says “I am the Storm,” and rise above, embracing the lesson Chiron has in store for me. Which hopefully involves getting a David Yurman necklace at the end.

Note: Taurus pay attention, as you’ll be none to pleased to have a visit from Chiron after Uranus is done with you. (More on that later.)

Oh, you know it's true.

But at the end of the day, Chiron means no harm. It simply wants to help you emerge as the best version of yourself and add something to the world which it desperately needs; people who have their sh*t together. If Chiron can’t get you to do that, nothing can. Not even your second Saturn Return. So smile, buck up, and embrace Chiron in Aries. It means well. Honest.

How do you feel about Chiron in Aries? NBD? Terrified? What was that again? I'm a Sag so I could give a sh*t.

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Shout out to astrobutterfly.com for dates and stuff. Good post. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2H8c38F

David Yurman photo from Pinterest.

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