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Intense Chaos, A Look at Uranus Opposed Scorpio

They forgot "I'm" twice and one "my."

I know, I know. I've been threatening this for a long time. Part of my delay is the fact that I'm not quite sure how to phrase what I want to say. The other part is I have that Tazmanian Devil thing where I want to do all of the things at the same time (because I feel Uranus all over my personal planets in Taurus NOW, and it's nowhere near them) and get so spun around I wind up throwing in the towel and end up on the couch binge watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix.

I want to party with Sheela, Queen of the Capricorns.

"Tough titties." Sheela at a Press Conference

Yes, uncouth for a child of Saturn. But you'll notice that despite the crude behavior and foul mouth, she's wearing a traditional necklace true to her faith, as any Capricorn lady should. (You can't ignore that ring either.)

But today is not a day for Capricorn, it's for Scorpio. It's a PSA of sorts that while Uranus has begun it's decent into Taurus, and shenanigans have already started to ensue for our May born friends, Uranus can see you, Scorpio, and has not forgotten you, and is sure to make sure that you know it.

Scorpio, you may be wondering, "Why do I care what Uranus is doing to Taurus and when will you shut up about it?" I may never shut up about it. Uranus is also giving the finger to Leo as well. I may not write about that for the sake of redundancy. But you in particular should care because Scorpio is OPPOSED Taurus. So when something affects Taurus, Scorpio feels it on the back end, and vice versa. Oh noes!

Are Scoprios afraid of anything? No. Not usually. Maybe a Taurus, but Bulls are currently busy for about the next two decades give or take. But what Scorpio may find that while they go about their normal lives, they'll run into more and more things that are not normal. Uranus does come to shake things up, and Taurus is right there for the shaking. Scorpio is across the street able to watch the carnage, and possibly feel the aftershocks.

For example, if you're a highly evolved Scorpio, you may just out of the blue decide that modern life isn't for you, there's deeper things to be concerned about, and you're going off of the grid. Or you start writing the ultimate self help book with a twist of the metaphysical in it. Find yourself, but use these crystals while you do it. Or going back to school to restart a new life for yourself because on a whim, you're simply done with the old one. Fini.

If not you're not so evolved, enjoy jail for that crime you just committed on the fly just to see if you could get away with it. You should probably stash some bail money on the side and leave it with the person you're making your one phone call to.

You can leave your money with Sheela. She won't be all Capricorn and swindle you out of your cash or anything a scummy Cap would do for the coin, or themselves. No. Not at all.

Lord I love Sheela.

Of course it's not that bad unless you're really a low down, dirty Scorp that are the reasons that Scorpio got a bad rep in the first place. Those people aren't even reading this. They're too busy torturing some poor soul for shits and giggles.

But the average Scorp is in for a surprise when least expected. As the sign of regeneration, I would guestimate that there will be an influx of unplanned Scorpio pregnancies. The psychic ones, get ready to up the ante on your own talents. Try something crazy like sending mental messages to your friend across the country and see if they hear you. Do it right now. See if your superpowers have already started. I just did it. I'm not a Scorpio, but my friend is, and she did text me within ten minutes of my message, which was simply to be in contact.

Ohhhhhh....freaky, right?

Are you a trampy little thing? Maybe one moment you're putting on your Russian Red lipstick for an evening out and then it comes to you from thin air, "I want to give my life to the Lord." Eight years from now (that's how long it takes to get through the Nunnery) you're now Sister Mary Something, Amen. Or the reverse? Dutifully religious your whole life and then next thing you know you're Tori Amos all like "God sometimes you just don't come through." Then you start questioning everything, and everyone, which is typical Scorpio. But now there's a fever to it, and you too go off the grid. Or at least you move to a new city where you can hide in a open crowd and you tell no one that you even left in the first place.

Unless you're an air sign. You probably forgot. On to the next sign.

Of course, I just gave extreme examples. But I felt extreme examples are necessary for such an extreme sign. A little more down to earth would be a swift clearing of a tribe, relocation, job switch, career change, leave your relationship, travel the world, blow all of your money, shave your head, get that ink, buy that Tesla...nothing special, but all at the drop of dime.

I feel that the only thing that would really up the ante is if not just Sun, but personal planets are directly opposed as well. (Personal planets; Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars. Did I forget one? Someone correct me if I did.)

So it may look a little something like this...

Uranus Opposed Sun: Drastic life change. Join a cult. Start a cult. I refrain from making gratuitous Charles Manson references, being that he's a fellow Scorp.

Uranus Opposed Moon: Super psychic with a twist. Now you can do tricks you didn't want to do. Precognition is fun until you start finding out about shit you never wanted to know about.

Uranus Opposed Mercury: Again, super psychic, but super slick, super suspicious, and/or super deep in contemplation of all things in the world.

Uranus Opposed Venus: Dump them via text or Marry them in a drive thru ceremony in Vegas. Just get out of limbo.

Uranus Opposed Mars: Look out for the unexpected can of whoop ass that you are planning on using and make sure you have the right target. Don't whoop ass for the sake of whooping ass. Have a legit reason or karma will get you. You usually don't enjoy that sort of thing.

And why not?

So there you have it; the blog I threatened to write for about a month. Being a month late on content is pretty good for my mostly Taurus ass, so I'm going to pat myself on the back. I look forward for the Scorps that I know and love to tell me what they think of my little theory here. I'm sure I'll get some interesting perspectives, whether I like it or not. Odds are I'll like it. I do like it rough sometimes, especially Scorpio rough.

What about you? Are you a Taurus or a Scorpio or have a lot of Taurus and Scorpio in your chart? Do you feel the affects of Uranus already? Are you ready for the changes that it'll bring? Feel free to share your comments. I'd love to hear what's kicking around in your head on this subject that I just can't seem to get off of. But that's because I don't want to be divorced and crazy. Again. And the culprit for that nightmare? Uranus.

Another blog for another time...

Good luck, Scorpio! I know you can take it like a champ but I've got your back. I do heavily suggest the bond money though. You just never know.



Pics from: Memegenerator, http://www.scorpioquotes.com, some crazy person from a cult in Oregon, and Emoji Clip Art

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