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Kate Spade, Farewell my style muse...

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

12/24/62 - 6/5/18 Be at rest.

So I get this text today from my friend A. She says to check TMZ, Kate Spade committed suicide. Wait, what? Where did that come from? I didn't believe she was gone. Just like when Prince died, that's a load of crap. Your icons don't die. They live forever, or at least they do in your memory.

Back in the late 90's, I scrimped, saved, begged, borrowed, and stole every cent I could for this bag...

I didn't eat dinner for five business days, I just rationed out my lunch and Starbucks for it.

There it is, my first Kate Spade, all in nylon, rectangular, black, and nothing special. Except it said something. It said to the world that I wasn't a piece of sh*t and that I had made it in the crazy corporate world that I tried to thrive in. That, armed with my Grande Skim Easy Vanilla Cappuccino from Starbucks and Chanel Vamp nail polish made me feel like the Baddest B*tch in my office. I wore that purse like a badge of honor. Don't talk to me. Talk to the bag.

As I got older, and fell more in more in love with Kate Spade, even when she abandoned us all by selling her company a decade ago, I still paid homage by buying any Kate Spade that caught my eye and was in my price range.

I knew she was a Capricorn. But nothing else. I did a search for her natal with time tonight and came up empty handed. So all I have is 75% of a picture of a women who took herself from the world way too soon.

To be as brief as possible without being confusing, I noticed a couple of things of note that were telling;

* North Node, a Karmic marker, is at critical 29 degrees Cancer. The end of a lesson has come. Even with her Sagittarius moon, she was emotion, though stoic as it may be.

* Venus is conjunct Neptune in passionate Scorpio. Jupiter, the ruler of her moon, which rules that node in Cancer, is conjunct Chiron, the stone where you serve or suffer, in Pisces of all places. So with a Cap Sun and Cap Mercury (how you communicate, which in her case is mostly all business) and Pisces Chiron, I would say she suffered, in silence, for the benefit of others, for a very long time.

* On that day, transiting retrograding Pluto in Capricorn opposed transiting Venus in Cancer, with her natal Capricorn Mercury caught in the crossfire. Translated, emotion and hard choices culminated with a warped reality, and a plan in the making (most likely with all of the Capricorn) even went as far as to push details to the point of using a scarf as the object to the end. I bet it was probably one of her own designs, though I wasn't able to get any proof on that during my research.

* Finally, the most telling of signs, transiting, retrograding Jupiter in Scorpio, which we know rules death (usually of circumstance and not physical death, to note) and regeneration, was sitting right on that Venus/Neptune conjunction. Venus brings peace, Neptune brings mystery or secrets of the unknown. But most of all, in many charts of those who have passed, it's Jupiter that does the work, as it brings freedom. Need it be from a situation, ones circumstances, ones self, and I suppose here, ones life.

My guess, noting that the letter left behind was for her daughter and not her husband, as he may have tried to stop her, Kate Spade knew what she was doing, and for whatever her reasons were, was determined, like a true Capricorn, to follow through with her plan. Albeit she wasn't able to detach herself from the notion that whatever she was going through was for just a season. Perhaps the season was just too long for her, and she made the choice that she did, on her terms, whether they make sense to anyone else or not.

So today, I looked around my house and closet and admired all of my Kate Spade bric-a brac. I have mugs and necklaces and dresses and shoes and perfume and house wears and just this morning I woke up in my Kate Spade pj's and had a Nespresso out of a Kate Spade mug. That badge of honor thing lives on well into my 40's, as you can see. I also have a box of Kate Spade bags about to go to consignment. But I'm not too sure about that now.

Of course, even though it's owned by Coach now, I wonder if Kate Spade will survive without Kate Spade being in the world? Of course Chanel did. But Coco passed of old age and not by her own hand. Versace survived, but only because that was a family business. Can Coach, in good mind, continue on with this brand under these circumstances? I guess we shall see.

My favorites always change, but here's my latest Kate Spade daydream, crafted by the Lady herself...

Super cute, right?

Nothing fits in it. But I don't care. I'm just waiting for the right reason to bust it out. Though that reason should probably to honor Ms. Spade and thank her for all of the years of inspiration she's given to my tom boy ass to dress like a girl.

Rest peacefully, Kate Spade.

It's ok to reach out. Crisis Text Line; text "home" to 741 741.

Photo of Kate Spade: Twitter

Kate Spade Bags: Me

Note: Without exact time of birth and events, it's really hard to pin down a truly accurate picture of what happened or what lead up to it. I did the best I could with what I had. I am very open to other people's opinions. And if anyone has times, please feel free to share.

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