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Mars Retrograde 2018: An Expert Opinion

You backwards bastard!

So when I found out that Mars went Retrograde (RX) on June 26 and is going until August 27th in-between Aquarius and Capricorn, I thought for sure I was going to morph into The Hulk. I have Mars Rising (making one…um…energetic and ummm…hostile…just a bit), Mars in Taurus, making one umm…occasionally turn into The Hulk, and my Mercury is in Aries (Mercury is how one communicates, and mine is in the sign ruled by Mars, the God of War…opposed Uranus making me…umm…volitale.)

So I am very familiar with Mars. I don’t necessarily have that amazing Mars drive and perseverance due to mine being in Taurus, unless it’s related to something hedonistic, like fine Japanese cuisine or Valentino Rockstud High Heeled shoes. But if I decide I want something, I usually get it, Hulk or not.

They look amazing with everything but they hurt like a BITCH!

So what does Mars RX mean in laments terms, energy, impulsivity, dynamics, accidents, speaking first and thinking later, it’s all a little mixed up right about now. At least that’s my take on it. There may be more fender benders, especially when Mercury goes RX at the same time coming soon. Tempers are a little more hotter to fly off the handle. Like I said in a previous post, if you don’t want an honest, blurty answer, don’t ask the question. Is there someone you always wanted to tell to suck it? Now’s your chance. Blurt away, blame it on Mars RX. Are you normally running around everywhere like a nine year old with ADHD child off its meds and now you need tapioca pudding and a nap right after Ellen? Mars RX. Are you always the first one out of the Foxhole to save the world? Not right now. Meet your enemy named “Lethargy,” and let the Leos do the work. They secretly dig that sort of sh*t anyway.

Yes, Mars ruled Aries and Scorpio may feel the brunt of this experience, feeling tired, confused, passive aggressive for self preservation, and all around like “Blah.” Capricorn and Aquarius will feel it because that’s where Mars is doing its dirty work. So normally strong driven Capricorn may be like “meh…f*ck it,” and humanitarian Aquarius may be like “meh…the world can save itself, I’m taking a Xanax now.”

And let’s give a shout out to our friends, Cancer, opposed Capricorn and Leo, opposed Aquarius. Cancer may come out of its shell. Leo may actually ask about YOU in a conversation. Imagine that?

So what do others on the inter-webs have to say about Mars RX?

Of course my first go to is the amazing cafeastrology.com where they know their sh*t. I was going to post a few quotables from their piece about Mars RX but the whole thing was so damn good and better than anything I could come up with, here’s the whole post: https://cafeastrology.com/marsretrograde.html

You may have to read it twice. I did..three times so I could bask in it.

The Astrology King says everyone is going to be sexually frustrated. So there’s that:


Well, The King says more than that, but it is an attention getter.

Finally, I had to stop by the site of the lovely Lynn Koiner and get her take in retrospect.


According to Lynn…

"*Whoever initiates loses*— a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit, or an international war. With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it too fizzles and it rarely gets to the altar. With an argument, the hostility will come back to haunt you later. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose. In an international war, whoever fires first will automatically lose or ultimately withdraw. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally fizzle out. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly."


That’s just f*cking great because my husband started a job search BEFORE the RX but none the less…ugh.

I suppose that also means I can blow off this diet and workout routine I’m on until September since it’s doomed to fail. 10,000+ steps a day, my ass.

Here is where I caution everyone about that neat thing called free will. Though Mars RX will be in my Husbands Stellium sign of Capricorn, I don’t think it touches a planet. He’s a determined little bastard, that man I married. As long as I don’t speak anything of this to him, he’ll be none the wiser and all should be well.

Should I throw in the cosmic towel on my workout routine and diet? Maybe? But my Sagittarius trainer will kill me and I should do the best I can with what I have. Which isn’t much, but better than nothing. I’ll just starve myself after my move in October when I’m too upset to eat because I’ve become a Backhome Baller at age 46.

So, there’s a myriad of vantage points on this for you. Normally I wouldn’t slap together a blog post full of other people’s blog posts, but Mars is RX and I’m SUPER LAZY.

Actually, the opinions were so diverse and informative it was next to impossible to cherry pick specific quotes so why not serve up the whole thing for all three. I got schooled.

It was awesome.

And now…to go smash something.


Tori )-(

Duly Noted…

Mars Photo: Shutterstock

Valentino Shoes: Some pic on Google Images

Lazy Star Wars Meme: Lucasfilm & Memegenerator

Nene Leakes Caption: RHOA via Bravo & Straight From the A

Hulk E Card: SomeECards

Cafe Astrology: https://cafeastrology.com/marsretrograde.html

The Astrology King: https://astrologyking.com/mars-retrograde/

Lynn Koiner: http://www.lynnkoiner.com/astrology-articles/mars-retrograde-2009-2010

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