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Mercury RX; Challenge Accepted

Yeah, you know, I started off this Mercury Retrograde a few days ago all like "Phhht....this happens four times a year. I'm all out of f*cks for Mercury RX."

And Mercury RX was all like "Challenge accepted."

Now I count the days until December 23rd. I am Mercury's bitch. Very much so. That little runt rock of a planet reminds me of that fact pretty much on the daily.

Let's just add up the little did bits of fun that Mercury has brought into my life since it started a mere few days ago...

*Had my sideview mirror knocked off.

*Nail in my tire.

*Car veers to the right when breaking.

*Transmission is going.

*Locked out of not one, but two bank accounts.

*Internet stops working. Phone tech support can't help, sends someone out. Turns out the crap was just unplugged.

*I'm in the middle of packing and the tape isn't holding the bottom of the boxes so you need like a whole roll of tape per box to seal it.

*My mother had her heat shut off by accident because the cable tech guys were trying to fix the broken cable on the newly installed tv.

*In a hasty attempt to take my night meds to hit the sack after a long day, I accidentally took Ritalin instead of Ambien.

*Filmed a youtube live with a content creator who drove to Chicago from Ohio and the footage may be corrupted.

*Days of our Lives isn't on for two days in a row.

That's the last straw for me. That and this...has anyone noticed that SOME PEOPLE are way wicked rude during this retrograde? I mean, maybe they're way wicked rude all of the time, but it's just heightened because Mercury is in Sag and Sag also has zero f*cks to give?

For example the bad gym ettiequte where some porn star took up two machines, sweated and grunted all over them, and then informed when I would be allowed to use the one that she wasn't using. All the while, the guy to the other side of me was taking five minute breaks in between sets, hence tying up that machine. So I said f*ck it and got out of that bad Ju-Ju by going to work on my abs instead of my legs.

RUDE! In my day, you got your fat ass off of the machine unless you were using it and other people swapped in their turns while you rested. And HELL NAW to manipulating two machines at the same time. Unheard of. I wanted to ask that chick why she was so entitled but I know it's because she has smoking T&A. (Hence taking up two machines at the gym. I see how this game is played.)

Or this guy at Starbucks, who saw me come in through a different door and he booked it , shoving some lady out of his way so he could be in front of me. Like Starbucks is going to run out of coffee if he doesn't get his place in line. What happened to "Ladies First?"

Additionally, he was rude to the guy behind the counter. So that really says more about him as a person than it does the retrograde, I suppose. But WTF? It's just coffee. Simmer down, Mr. Chicago North Shore Bond Trader. You'll get your Peppermint Mocha Latte in due time, just like everyone else.

God help me.

So I'mma end it here and hope that Wix doesn't eat this blog. It did shut off my blog feature for a credit issue, so that was fun. But all seems to be well thus far.

If Mercury RX continues to be a shit show, once I move I may unplug my phone and lock myself in my haunted living room and just binge watch some show on Nat Geo about President Clinton being a dirty perv. Poor Monica Lewinsky. That girl must have PTSD. Seriously. She needs help. But not right now. Maybe after Mercury goes out of shadow point. This retrograde has no mercy for anyone.

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