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Stan Lee, Excelsior!

Hugh Hefner wishes he was this hot.

Disclaimer; I am not going to pretend to be an expert in Stan Lee's legacy or what projects he was working on before his passing on November 12, 2018. My knowledge of his work is limited to the movies that I saw and watched over and over and over again and my obsession with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I loved his cameos in his films, and I especially loved seeing him at various Comic Cons happily taking picture after picture with one adoring fan after another. Granted, they probably paid $500 for said picture, but money well spent if you ask me.

Born Stanley Martin Lieber, Stan Lee seems like the perfect pen name. The world was rocked when he came into it on December 28, 1922 in Manhattan. No birth time though. Sorry kids. We may be winging it a little here. But for those who can read these puzzles, have at it...

Look at that Kite, yo!

Like your typical Capricorn, Lee originally wanted to put a bag over his head when telling people that he created superheroes on paper for a living. He was about to quit the job until someone told him to create something that he was actually interested in. Thinking "WTF, I'm out the door anyway," he thought up some money making genius and also in typical Capricorn fashion, saw some sweet, crazy money and thought the gig wasn't that bad after all.

You'll see his Capricorn Sun trines his Taurus Moon, so luck be his lady tonight, and every night. But look at all of that water. Emotion everywhere. God bless that Venus in Scorpio, which was probably the little bird that was whispering "Make your characters human and give them mortal flaws." in his ear. That was his key. His characters, though still super powered, were people. Tangible people. Ones that only someone with such deep water with that Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio Trine could get into the psyche of, and really show what made these creations tick.

I'd like to direct your attention to Pluto in Cancer. Though everyone in his generation was born with it, not everyone had it so well aspected to its other water siblings, in this case I look to Pisces, to give depth and imagination to even think up crap like a teenage spider hero that saves the city by covering it with web while also being concerned about homework and his girlfriend at the same time.

The Hulk. I love the Hulk. Generational aspect aside, Pluto and its Scorpio nuances in Cancer made GENIUS with the Hulk. Bruce Banner; A well meaning man with destruction that he cannot control, craving human interaction but sadly knows that he cannot have it. So he wanders everywhere looking for nothing. Even in the Avengers, when he had what he wanted at his fingertips, Bruce Banner couldn't deal with the fear of destroying what he loved, so he left before he had a chance to. Doesn't get much more Scorpio than that. And the longing and need to attachment, courtesy of our friend Cancer.

We cannot ignore Mars and Uranus conjunct in Pisces. I would kill to know what house that was in. But I can only speculate that is the aspect that took his work off of pages and put it onto the big screen. It also gave him innovation to pick up the slack for everyone else who had run out of ideas and had moved to Florida with their retirement money. Like a true Goat, Stan Lee NEVER STOPPED WORKING. Like a true goat, the man aged gracefully, even seeming more youthful with each movie cameo he made. He even popped up on Heroes back in the '00's, for you true comic dorks. (He drove the bus Hiro was on during some quest in season one.)

I could go on and on about this chart. There's so much to touch on and look at. But blogs can only be so long before they become a thesis. My only hope is that since he died during Scorpio, he'll be a quick reincarnation, (if you go for that sort of stuff,) with Scorpio and its regeneration and all.

God bless him. I had to give a shout out to Stan Lee, the one, the only, Excelsior. <3

Photo: Pinterest/Google

Chart: Astro.com

Some various background info: Wiki.com

Knowing that a pic with Stan Lee costs $500: Myself. I should have gotten that pic.

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