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The End of the World in Retrograde

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

That Dude must have a lot of Virgo being so obsessed with his red stapler.

So I was sitting her, chillin, booking appointments, when I came across a post from Astrodispatch.com and the very informational Sally Kirkiman that, hot damn, Mars is going Retrograde this summer. Say it again, Hot Damn.

This is something special, as according to Ms. Kirkland, this doesn't happen very often. Actually, the last two times that she mentioned were in 2014, and 2016. Since it's 2018 I'm thinking this phenom happens about every two years or so.

And then I think to myself, Mars RX (RX = Retrograde) means my Husband's car will for sure be rear ended. Then I discover that our friend Mercury will be RX soon as well. In about a month, actually. The realization that my Husband's car may then need a proper burial sinks in. I hope my mother is prepared to buy me that Subaru. I know she said Honda...but more bang for your buck with that Impreza, you with with Capricorn moon. xo

So pretty much, everything is already or about to be Retrograding. The only planets that aren't are Venus, which sucks for the heartbroken because that means their lovers won't return to them, and Pluto. Or didn't that just end? I should check my own blogs. (It's in RX as of 6/28/18)

See...Mercury RX starting already. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

I will post about these new Retrogrades on their own to give due props where needed.

But in the meantime, here's a little list of all of the Retrograde fun in our lives...better known as THE END OF THE WORLD.....(DRAMA!!!)

Mercury: 7/26/18-8/19/18: We're all familiar with Mercury RX so we'll just saving our pissing and moaning for the end of July.

Mars: 6/26/18-8/27/18 in Aquarius.

Said the one with Mercury in Aries...

So pretty much the whole f*cking summer. What does that mean? Well, we'll dig deep into that next week. But for now, I'll stand behind my guesstimate that motorized accidents will rise and people will blurt out a lot of sh*t they may or may not mean at the drop of a dime. So if you can't handle the truth, don't ask someone for their honest opinion, because you will probably get it. No filters here, kids.

But it's also a time to slooowww down. Mars means speed and RX is the opposite. So since it's the whole summer, you may as well sit by the dock of the bay, waste time, and have a rum and coke until it is over.

Jupiter 3/8/18-7/15/18: We've discussed ad nauseam and sadly, it's just about over. Enjoy regenerating to your best self while Jupiter is in Scorpio while you still have the chance. For more scintillating info on Jupiter RX, scroll down for your reading pleasure.

Saturn 4/7/18-9/16/18:


We've discussed this as well, but Saturn is always worth mentioning twice. If not with words, then by memes...

Always a classic...

Moving on...I have an amazing chicken salad sandwich waiting for me and all my Taurus is just foaming at the mouth to get to it, even if that means driving for 90 minutes in the pouring raining while singing sad songs to get to it. Good fun. Level 42's Leaving Me Now; it truly is the saddest song on the planet. It's AWESOME!

Uranus 8/7/18-1/6/19: I so cringed when I saw this. Yes, we will delve deep into this hot mess and mourn the loss of all of our tech items and break up of our internet friendship tribes. Sadly, I am moving home under this transit and I'll be hella pissed if there's drama getting my TVs hooked up. But happily, it ends the day before my Husband and Aunt's Birthdays. So there's a gift that keeps on giving. So yes, more to come on this bad boy, as it will rock all of our worlds.

Neptune: 6/18/18-11/24/18: So the good news is this is happening IN Pisces, the sign that Neptune rules. If I recall correctly, this isn't the first time Neptune has pulled an RX in Pisces either. When Neptune hit my moon, I started this endeavor. Now it's between both my Sun and Moon, and needless to say that I feel more enlightened than ever, but my natural Piscean tendencies to get a little addicted to some naughty stuff has popped up as well. I'd spill the tea on what that is, but since it's Neptune we're dealing with here, I'll leave it to your imagination.

So much to discuss about this, if we haven't already. I'm so much of a Pisces I've forgotten what I've already put on this blog, and perhaps I should pass the Xanax back to the person on the left.

Even a Nun admitted that Astrology works.

So we have a lot to talk about in the upcoming weeks, months, summer...Lawdy.

Despite my natural tendency to gloom and doom everything, to which you can blame my Saturn rising, it's not all bad and change is good, especially that Uranus one, I think. Mars...ehhh...there may be some foolishness and mayhem with that. Neptune...some liars get exposed and some psychics become more psychic. It's all fun and games unless you're an empath or a medium, which is another blog for another forum. Remind me to hit you all up after I get that Parapsychology Certificate this winter, right after Uranus RX ends. Hmmmm...

So what do you think of all of this? Scared? Don't care? Confused? Aren't we all. But we'll make sense of it together. In the meantime, keep on keeping on. And watch your mouth, with Mars RX you may want snap-shot say "Eff you," but your recipient may just as easily punch you in the t*t for it. Ouch.

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Memes and Stuff: Google Image Search

Refinery 29

Astrodispatch.com and Sally Kirkland

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