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Two Retrogrades Down; First Up, Mars

And Elon Musk says..."If only. One day"

Remember how I tried to knock out a window of a moving car at the airport because the driver hit me with said car and then told me it was my fault? After which I almost got into a fist fight with her son where I declared that I had no problem missing my flight in order to beat his a-word?

(You know which a-word I'm talking about. But if you so much as breathe a swear word on any media you'd like Facebook to promote, they act like your posting something you've found on the Dark Web and decline your request for promotion. I'm sure they're fine without my $7.00. But I'd like a shout out now and again.)

My Natal Mars Rising aside, that was a pretty good example of Mars Retrograde. It's normal for Mars/Aries to act first and think later, but maybe not to such extremes where the police are watching you and you silence an entire terminal with your rantings.

But there is no compromise with someone who has the fury of 1000 suns upon them, and that's what Mars Rx did to many. Too much cream in your coffee called for barista abuse. Friends, aside from Mercury RX didn't just have misunderstandings, they had all out war. You didn't have a fender bender, you got nailed broadside and smacked your head on the steering wheel as well.

That aside there was a myriad of head injuries, car accidents, too much acne, fire, sunburns, and pure and holy fury going on. Here in Chicago, there were (are) so many shootings that we had 60 in just one night. The police stood there with ideas about curfews and more community involvement. Astrology s'poses things will settle down when Mars goes direct. And when we get a new Mayor. (Just my two cents for my own reasons.)

Happily, all of this drama comes to an end on August 26th or 27th, depending on who you ask. I was told the 26th so I'm going with that. So if you're putting hate notes on sticky pads on your neighbors front door telling them to shut up because you can hear all of their yelling, you can stop now. They're yelling because Mars has them pent up too. The sticky notes just make them yell louder. Maybe just explaining to them that your Soap is on from Noon to 1:00 PM and if they could refraining from screaming about nothing for those sixty minutes, life for everyone would be more pleasant.

In the meantime, you can take your 60 minutes of silence and wonder who the genius was that came up with the idea of The Sinners Redemption as a foundation of a love story...yet again?

Because Serial Killers are hot.

Just a random bit of Trivia, but famed Luke and Laura of General Hospital in the 80's; I believe that Laura married her attacker, Luke, in the wedding of the century where her ex husband caught the bouquet and my Babysitter went BALLISTIC because she had to wait until Monday to see if Luke went ballistic as well, which I believe he did.

I have no idea where to even begin about that dress.

But back on track here, Mars RX, if utilized properly, should have given you time to think about what really does set you off, what is really worth getting set off about, who gets on your nerves, why, and what to do about it? Do nothing, beat down, verbal assault, or ghost?

THAT is BRILLIANT! ------------------------->

With the above being said, your anger management tool box should now be an arsenal on how to keep calm, think first and then act, and how to pick your battles more wisely.

Instead of threatening someone in broad daylight, in front of a crowd, including security at an airport, normally I would have just given her the finger and threw a few cuss words her way. But Mars RX lit a match to where I'm telling my husband to "Hold my earrings," as I push up my sleeves and start walking towards my target. Not thinking, not planning, just ready to swing.

Why do I keep going back to that example? Because living it, and knowing myself, that was an extreme reaction for me, heightened by Mars's intense power to fight until you see the sunlight. (Ke$ha come back!) But in hindsight I learned something. More bees with honey, and like I said, how to pick your battles. The throw down at the airport wasn't my first rodeo with this retrograde. I'm just sparing you the other stories. But the point is if you spread your bad Mars RX Ju-Ju on to someone else, they'll just do the same to some unsuspecting soul, who'll do the same, and so on and so on...

I had a lot of calls this past month. People were grumpy, pissy, annoyed at other people for breathing to loudly, aggravated about missing pen caps, feeling like The Hulk, and just in general wanting to start Jihad at the grocery store because some person with 11 items got into the 10 item or less line. I assured them that it wasn't in their head, and doubly so when Mercury joined Mars in their trip backwards.

It wasn't easy for anyone. I'm calling it, it's been a hard summer. Some people said it hasn't been that bad. And maybe for a handful, it hasn't been. But for most of the people that I talked with, including myself, I wouldn't give a squirt of pee to redo this summer again for five minutes.

Lessons learned, Mars. Got it. See you again in like...what...two years? I'll know how to meditate by then. Namaste and go direct already.

Next week or so, we will wrap up Mercury Retrograde. Most of all, we'll talk about shadow point. Because even though that little turd goes direct, the party doesn't stop there. I bet you didn't know that.

I just dropped some knowledge on you.

As is,


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