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Uranus in Taurus, The Freedom That You Didn't Ask For.

I knew this would come in handy twice.

So yes, possession loving, staunch, rigid, stubborn, heels dug in, set in your ways, collector of hedonistic things of pleasure (like your brother sign, Libra) Uranus will be here soon and he knows exactly what you need.

A big fat dose of freedom!!!

You say you have too many things but you can't let go of them? No worries. Uranus will cut you from your binds and burn your house down. Now you don't have sh*t. Nothing to worry about. Sh*t comes and goes, but at least you're still alive. Freedom. Go do some good in the world. Run a Clutterers Anon meeting or something. Don't worry, it's Uranus, so you can do it online from your couch in your jammies while eating cake and watching Netflix.

Your marriage is burdensome and your oppositional spouse just won't see things your way because you're right for the sake of being right and they're just wrong because they're annoying? No problem. You'll soon be divorced and that person will just be "somebody you used to know." There's more compatible people to meet. Go meet them. Uranus has freed you for someone better and more enlightening.

Enlighten, Uranus likes to do that too. Thanks, Uranus! I was already enlightened by Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. But WTF, come join us in the astro-hot tub with some bubbly and let's hang.

Sounds like a nightmare, but is it really? Uranus' uncanny power to bring quick and sudden change does break binds that could have been holding you down for a lifetime, and now will be the perfect time to make that change that you just couldn't change before. Quit smoking, eat better, get a grip on your finances, hit the gym, go to therapy, quit that crap job and do what you really want to do since you were a kid, move...anywhere. But do it of your own free will, or Uranus will do for you, and though the outcome will rule, the process will totally suck.

Quickly, yes. But out of the blue, more than unexpected, not prepared for, chaotic, and with no plan what so ever, sh*t will happen. Just the way Taurus likes to do things, right?

Wrong. So very wrong. Taurus would rather die than not be deliberate. So Uranus and is massive sweep of quick chaos is exactly what you're trying to avoid. No bueno.

On May 15th of this year, Uranus enters, and probably retrogrades in and out of Taurus until April 26, 2026. THAT is a LONG f*cking time. So basically the day before my Dad's birthday, who just retired and moved out of state to the middle of nowhere after being a city dweller for 70 years is about to get a celestial present that'll rock his world; a whole new life where he creates a new identity for himself. From Lord of the Show and cracking skulls to running a full time chicken and cat sanctuary (Yes, the two freely, free range, co-exist. Also, these animals live in palaces. You know how Taurus do with his critters.) on his own farm. Yes, you read that correctly. But honestly, after 50 some years in constant battle with others over this or that for millions of dollars on the line, he could stand some peace and quiet and the occasional fresh egg served with his espresso served in a delicate Demi Tasse that was imported from France.

Nope. You are an excellent bon vivant, and I love you for it.

What? We're talking about Taurus here.

My dear friend, born in April, so her sun already seen these shenanigans, but she also has other planets in Taurus is already feeling the effects. She mentioned tossing her Gwyneth Paltrow unapproved way of eating for a more, home cooked and controlled, healthier lifestyle. She's mentioned it before, but I was surprised that it was actually happening. She has herself an asparagus steamer. That Girl ain't playin'.

I think most of our conversations sound a little like this. Fur kids included.

To me, it's Taurus. And what she was talking about meant work. Work when she could be watching tv or be asleep. What? Again, we're talking about Taurus here.

Someone throw Sag in here as well. K. Thx.

But no, I phone-shared a stroll around the grocery store with her while she stocked up on ingredients for the delicious dinner meant for that night, but was held off for another time because it was late, she was too tired to cook, and Subway was right around the corner.

What? At least it wasn't McDonald's. She'd been on her feet all day WORKING, and WE'VE ALL gone grocery shopping and then ordered delivery because that crap is overstimulating and hard work. So no judging. I'm talking to you, Virgo, Cancer, and Capricorn. Libra, shut your mouth. You're even worse. You're pulling that crap after a trip to Whole Foods, so don't even try. (I need a nap after Whole Foods too. First to cry into my pillow about how much I spent, and then just from produce selecting alone.)

Personally, I'm laden with Taurus. Venus, Mars, and Rising at critical 29 degrees, (29 degrees, another blog for another time) all in the 12th house of our own mysteries and what people don't see of us. (One aspect of it, at least.)

I'm scared, actually. This transiting Uranus is on my Natal Venus in Taurus that trines (a good thing) my Jupiter (also freeing) in my 8th house (other people's resources). Looks to me like a good time to come into an inheritance. Or a divorce. (Alimony.) I would tell a client to keep an eye open for that. Free will, yes. Always. But it looms.

Uranus on my Mars in the 12th, which is just rising over the horizon, that'll certainly give creedence to my husband's former boss's nickname for me, which I believe is The Executioner after over a decade of being trash talked by him, when he probably realized that I would verbally destroy him if given the chance.

Now, let' see Uranus in Taurus in full play...I throw myself in front of the bus so you can get a picture of this.

After all, my Mercury is in Aries, ruled by Mars, Nataly conjunct Chiron (Remember all that good stuff? No? Go back and read up. Funny meme in that post.) Now transiting Chiron will hit my natal Mercury/Chiron conjunction, which is Mars ruled, and natal Mars is now conjunct transiting Uranus.

So who knows what kind of verbal destroyer I'll become?

Probably one that this dude should be afraid of. Remember, it's Taurus based and there is nothing more destructive than a Taurus that has lost patience long ago and now has the fury of 1000 Suns, or Mars in the case. Not even a REALLY pissed off Scorpio can compare. Even they're like "Oh sh*t...Imma let this one slide...until another time." You know how Scorpio do. That's why we love'em and fear'em simultaneously.

Did I put those pieces together in a way that you could understand? Seriously. I want Astrology to be easy for my beloved readers to understand. I'm not so much boasting about a bad temper that I have really yet to see, but rather what Uranus/Mars power can create in Taurus, and using myself as the model. So questions about the aspects, put them in comments and I'll do my best to explain. Or I can yell at you if you prefer. Like I said, natal Mercury is in Aries so I kind of popped out of the womb just yelling in general.

Or perhaps another, better version of "fighter." Because it's Uranus, I'm fighting for a cause, not a person. Animal Advocacy has always been something I've championed. Perhaps the day that transit comes, TAH DAH, someone drops 12 senior, one eyed, three legged, mouthy but toothless, abandoned Chihuahuas in a box at my front door because I'm known as the crazy, Pisces, divorced, dog lady and wham...the rescue that I always wanted to have is born, out of the blue, out of nowhere. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have had the guts to have done it in this lifetime.

Note to self; already has husband that likes dogs.

It sounds like a burden, inheritance, (lawyers, papers, taxes), verbal rampages, and a hoarded house of dogs. But in a way, freeing. Money that was referred to as a "estate", telling some people to f*ck off when it was long overdue, and making a dream come true can be very freeing, even when all is shoved up your a$$ unexpectedly.

But it's better to expect the unexpected with Uranus, especially in fixed Taurus, is my point.

And it's expensive as well. Would I rather have buckets of money or my parent or husband? Would I rather be in constant peace but loneliness by myself or coexist with someone I love for the cost of the occasional annoyance? Just because you love someone doesn't mean you're meant to be with them forever. That's how Uranus sees it. That scares me, but I am starting to make peace with it now just in case. Though the Taurus in me is already making plans to make that possibility as obsolete as I can. Remember, "the stars incline, they do not compel." Free will and all.

I'm not usually going to use myself as the subject example all that often. If/when we talk about Pisces, being a double Pisces I'll share a thing or two. Right now Neptune is in Pisces turning me into a X Men Mutant without the cool powers. My coolest power to date is the one of Parasomnia. (Google it. It'll blow your mind.) I could go do anything and blame on it sleepwalking. For real. But I thought in this case, it was appropriate, being that I have more Taurus than a good pocketful of Taurus's, and like I said, I'm terrified of this transit.

But that's just me and my hang ups. Some of you...thank the Lord, this could happen at a better time. Uranus will yank you out of your doldrums, put you in a new life where you belong, it'll happen in a blink of an eye, and you won't look back, just the way you dreamed it would be. It can be a life saver, chaos or not. To expect the unimagined and have it bring you out of yourself and into the world as a more authentic you must be an incredible experience. For those brave enough and strong enough to handle the process. I commend you. I'm even a little jealous. :o

You know who else should raise some stink eye to this joy of freedom? Scorpio, Taurus's opposite. I think that's its own blog post. It will come. Soon. Don't worry Scorpio, I got your back.

This thing is awesome and should be given to all Scorpios upon birth.

Capricorn and Virgo may happily squirm under this transit as well.

Virgos, not all of you are neat and tidy. I bet under a good Cancerian or Aquarian affliction in a Virgo chart brings out the hoarder in that virgin. Uranus can burn your house down too. Now all of your stacks of pizza boxes are gone and you'll have to live in someone else's house where you're not allowed to hoard. There, now you're free. Deep in your soul you didn't want that crap anyway. Again, Clutterer's Anon, and get help for your self esteem issues. Sincerely. Get help. Now. Uranus is trining Virgo, giving ease of aspect to take that chaos and make it into order. Doesn't matter what the chaos is. Uranus has blessed you.

Capricorn, how's that social climbing coming along? How's advancement at the job working out for you? Keeping up with the Jonses'? Wouldn't it be great to have no f*cks to give about that stuff? Uranus is here to show you the way to No F*ckdom. Just let go and enjoy the ride. Go the the peace rally instead of the office and put your business savvy into raising money for the cause and fight the man. You may be happier when the world is a better place because of YOU SPECIFICALLY and then all of those aches and pains you've had in your body your whole life may go away. You know what I'm talking about. I've yet to meet a Cap without a touch of Fibro.

I guess what I was supposed to do what write a list of what Uranus in Taurus means to all of us as a collective. But this is personal. I know a lot of people that I love that will feel the effects of this. Having an elderly Taurus father go through a Uranus transit doesn't sit well with me. Freeing. Know what I mean? I've already mentioned my own bullsh*t. But I know a lot of Scorpios, and they don't know what's coming for them. I must warn them!!! My Taurus friend, who honestly is such an old soul she probably had this figured out way before I even knew about this transit, she'll be better than fine. She is transforming, and I'm not sure if she knows what that transformation will look like, but only that it's happening. She's ok with that sort of thing. If not, she'll make a list about it and figure it out from there. Deliberately, on her terms. Screw you, Uranus. (See, there's some free will.)

So many more blogs to come based off of this; what Scoprio can expect, what critical degrees like 29 & 0 mean, do we need to talk about Chiron more, do we need a crash course on Uranus in hind sight? What about Aquarius, Uranus's ruling sign, which squares (challenges) Taurus, or Leo, the other square to Taurus? This ain't no ordinary transit, kids. Big stuff. We'll tackle it together.

Of course, feel free to write questions and comments in the comments. And may I add that you can sign up for my newsletter than I never have time to write on the Contact Me of this website. Just where everyone will see it. Because I'm dumb.


PS: My proofreader is asleep because it's 4:30 in the morning here and there's no rest for the weary, or me, so it seems. I apologize for all typos and grammar errors. Hopefully I will remember to fix them. (You can start laughing now.)

**Pics all found on google images. Various memes and I have no clue where they came from or how old there are so...you know, due props to whoever comes up with these things. They're classic. And viral. How Uranian.

"Somebody You Used to Know" ~ Goyte

"The stars incline, they do not compel." ~ A very wise Cancer I know who is not letting this bother her at all.

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