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Venus Retrograde; Here to ruin more than just your love life and hair cut.

It's been a hot minute since I last posted, and I do hope you will forgive me. I have been busy...doing readings. :o I do love my clients, and look forward to meeting more of them as the rest of the year goes on.

I am also beginning a move. Yes, I'm going to be a Back Home Baller. I have 30 days left in my own home. There's a lie that it's not my Mother's home, but "our" home. That's some bullshit. It's my Mother's home. At the end of the day she's cutting the bulk of the checks so it's her home even though I'm on the title or something.

On a totally opposite note, you'll notice that this post is devoid of photos. That's because my dear Cancer friend had her own little blog in cyberspace with pics she took from google and then got slapped with intention to sue by some lawyer paid to ferret out blogs like hers and make some quick cash. Not sure what I'll do about my other posts. Everything has been credited and most is from a meme generator. Not sure about what copy rite laws for Angry Asian Dad Memes are. None the less, it's best to be safe than sorry.

So how is everyone enjoying Venus Retrograde? Sleep with your ex yet? Start a relationship and discovered that it sucks? Go for a massive hair change and it's not what you had in mind? Spend too much money on a purse and now regret it because Chaise Amie (Aime?) didn't have it on her "Must Have" list? Alas, you're not the only one.

However, there is one category that alluded me at my original post that I am noticing now that Venus RX is in full force...friendships are breaking up everywhere. Everywhere. People are calling it quits over stupid petty things. People are calling it quits due to years of harbored resentment and they just couldn't take it any longer. Either way, the BFF life support plug is being pulled.

Of course, I'm not hearing about this with men, just women (Venus.) Though friendships is an Aquarian thing, relationships are a Venus thing, and for most girls, friendship are relationships, like still waters running deep, and sometimes the waters get murky.

I was told that friendships aren't supposed to be complicated. Granted this was by someone who did a good handful of complicating. In theory she's right. But in fact, I know a lot of female relationships that are complicated and eventually turn into some soap opera shit.

And now it's digital soap opera shit so hundreds of people can join in the fun on social media.

And when the dust blows over the baron wasteland that was once an unbreakable bond, what lies behind are a lot of "fuck her" and "let my bridge burn behind me."

What causes such a hot mess? Well, like previously mentioned petty stuff to long harbored acts that wind up exploding. Either way, the stories end the same with she said-she said, and taking their proverbial tribes and setting up camp of "When does this retrograde end?"

November 16th.

Of course, it's no surprise that relationships and venom bleed together as Venus visits both Libra and Scorpio, if I'm correct. Libra, for the relationship, and Scorpio as the last nail in the coffin to it, so that those in the mess are set free to pursue friendships better suited to them.

Personally, I'm one of those casualties. Gory details aside, I described by experience as "hitting a wall." For all of my examples of why, not one was addressed. I really had nowhere to go from there. Can't fix something that isn't discussed, or even acknowledged as broken. Doesn't really matter anyway because I'm relocating.

But so many people came to me with the same or similar story. All pissed, all like, she's wrong, screw her, not a one of them wanting to make peace, as Libra would have it. Indeed, the let bridge burn behind us all.

So I look forward to November 17th. Though Mercury may be in RX again, or in shadow point at least, hopefully any dialogue to mend fences between the two parties won't get lost in Mercury miscommunication.

So, RIP Friendships that didn't survive Venus Retrograde. You were fun while you lasted. Sort of.

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