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When I Say Nay Nay...

RIP You fat, hungry bastard. :(

"I say Nay Nay," was a quote from the late, great comedian, who's hand I touched, twice, John Pinette. That's how he felt about salad. It wasn't food, it was something that came with food, and to having a salad as a whole meal he said "Nay Nay."

So today I pretty much said "Nay Nay" to a client. I'm not one to turn down money, or more importantly, helping someone, but she was unsure of what the chart reading would tell her about a specific area of her life. Though she sought more insight through astrology, as most people who ask for a reading do, she backed out of the session about an hour before it saying she was too scared to know what the reading would say.

Understandable. She's not the first to do that, and she won't be the last.

But I asked her what the fear stemmed from, and she said that it was the fear the chart was going to tell her what she was planning on doing for life was the wrong thing to do.

That IS me because I AM that old.

"Free will," I inform her. Astrology is a map. It's a tool. Nothing is carved in stone. You can do whatever you want. These are suggestions or stereotypes based by math in the sky that drunk Greeks thought of back in the days of y'or.

I love this sh*t and can spend hours doing it and talking about it. But even I take it with a grain of salt. If not, wild horses wouldn't be able to get me on a plane when both Mars and Mercury are retrograde at the same time at the end of the month, much less a car. Or by foot for that matter. No one should leave their homes for three weeks!!!!

"You have to take this stuff with a grain of salt," I tell her, adding that her anxiety about it was making me anxious and now I was no longer comfortable doing the reading; hence Nay Nay.

That's when she asked me what her chart said.

Since she hadn't given me any birth information I had no chart, and had no intention of creating one. "I think you should think on this a little bit more before you decide to do this. You are too emotionally invested in this."

"Can I give you my birth information?"

"I think you should think about it some more. When you're really ready let me know."

Nay Nay.

You just can't take people's money and spew out a chart when they seem to be basing their lives on it. Some soul searching, yes. Again, we're here to help and guide, but not dictate. I relented on the session because I didn't want to be responsible for the actions of this person. I could have said anything, and I fear they would have gone for it. That kind of desperation scares me. I don't want to be responsible for saying the wrong thing and Lord knows what winds up happening, because some situations are beyond an astrologers computer program and is better on a chair across from a therapist.

Do I mean to disparage this person? No. Not in the slightest. This blog serves more as a cautionary tale of putting too much stock into something that is merely puzzle pieces put together especially for you to help give you, the client, a point of view. It's not dictate your life. That's not healthy. And it's irresponsible, I think, for anyone practicing metaphysics to take an impressionable client amped up and so on edge and lead them anywhere. They need to figure some stuff out for themselves, nut up, open their eyes, and then have their session...maybe.

It's like lovelorn people begging for spells to bring their unrequited lover back to them. What about that person's free will? Desperate. Dangerous. Not a good combo.

Honestly, 2007 was the suck.

Again, no dissing the almost client. I'm sure they're very nice and just need a fresh perspective. But if the notion of hearing the wrong answer to their query petrifies them to the point they cancel the session at the last minute alluding they can't handle the truth...nay nay.

And if someone is that freaked out over a situation that the alleged truth is going to break them, they probably already know the answer anyway. They just want someone to confirm it so they don't have to do it themselves.

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