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Why am I so cheap? A PSA

I wouldn't be if it wasn't for therealreal.com.

So super quick, I know I have been a bad astro blogger and not posting weekly. I have an excuse.

Uranus is in Taurus!

Yes, I am going to beat the shit out of that dead horse.

And yes, Uranus opposed Scorpio is still coming. I swear. Like, let me get through this week and I'll have it for you.

But my life fell to shit the moment Uranus even entered Taurus. Not like, I broke a nail and dropped my phone in the toilet shit. More like I had my identity stolen for a second time shit, and then my credit tanked.

Also, for those who don't know, I have a raging shopping addiction (total Venus in Taurus problem...trine Jupiter, at that) to which I have now sought professional help for. Typical shit for Uranus in Taurus. Both situations, actually.

But that's not the point of this. This is the point of this...


and this...


Cheap rates right? Follow Stormy and Ally on youtube and you can get in on them. Normally I'm $1.00 per minute. That changes in October when I raise my rates slightly, but I still plan to be affordable.

There are some Astrologers that charge $260 for a 45 minute reading.

I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't think it's fair. I understand that some Astrologers do it for a living, and ain't working for free, I get it. Not judging. But for me, I'm able to keep my price down not just because of life circumstances...unless I keep buying Gucci bags online...

One bad bender and this could happen. It's ok. We didn't need to pay that mortgage for two months in a row.

...but because they people that have been coming to me are hiring me as a luxury to themselves. They have bills to pay too. An astrology reading is a treat, per se. I want to keep it accessible to everyone.

Now don't get me wrong, Your Gurl needs some coin. That's why rates will slightly go up after October 1st, 2018. But they'll still be in reach of the average demographic that's been so kind to trust me with their readings, and come back several times.

Most people don't have $260 to spend once a month on a reading. But they can usually come up with $30 bucks every other month. And I'm here to help. You should get a quality reading whether you spend $260 or $30. It's not you get what you pay for. Astrology is Astrology. You either know it or you don't.

And while I'm here I just need to shout out a big fat

to these amazing YouTube content creators who have had me on their channel, worked with me, or in general has given me the time of day...

Ally Hardesty: https://bit.ly/2g4KTSh

Kahlen Berry: https://bit.ly/2gEeHt3 (Catch him now before he becomes a famous singer. Seriously.)

Stormy Davis: https://bit.ly/2kxcgc4

Brooke Houts: https://bit.ly/2GX1Bju

Olivia Cara: https://bit.ly/1RXeFDo

You should subscribe, look for me on their channels, and in general just rock it out with these fine folks.

So, I just felt like I needed to express that. Back to your REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOGS next week when I should post ON THE REGULAR. Ahem.

And if you would like a reading, they are currently $1.00 a minute with a 20 minute minimum. You must be over 18, have PayPal, know your EXACT time of birth, and if international have Skype.

Again, on 10/2/18 rates go up slightly, but I'm still tangible and of course, hopefully affordable. And maybe I'll cut my regulars a deal? And of course, there's always a good You Tube special going on.

Y'all know how I do.


Pics from Pixar, Gucci, or someone who took a pic of a Gucci bag, Photostock, and one I don't know what. All found on Google Images.

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