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Why I didn't chart Tony Bourdain...

Looking all dapper and sh*t...

Because of this...

So I guess you could say that for me, despite my giant and epic collection of Kate Spade items, this tragedy seemed a little more personal, for obvious reasons. When I'd see him on No Reservations or something, I'd think to myself...I've eaten his food, it's been live and in person, he makes me laugh, he makes me think, and now he's gone.

So no, I didn't do a chart of his birth or his passing as a blog. I posted my reasons why on my Facebook page. (Yes, sadly, I still have one and use it.) I don't know how to hyperlink on this thing so let me just old school cut and paste...

"I guess I will say this, astrology aside, if you've ever been touched by suicide in any way, it's an out of body experience. My story with it...I tried it, it luckily didn't work for me. But I do know some people who went to great lengths to make sure that they weren't here anymore, and by God's good graces, it didn't work out for them either. It's a blessing, actually.

I'm not an expert at seeing death in a chart on purpose. I only see it if it's glaringly obvious, and even then, I usually keep it to myself. It's not my place to give out information like that. God's will be done, I say.

For whatever his reasons, Anthony Bourdain decided on a permanent solution for a temporary reason. I don't judge him. I just feel for him, and the ones he left behind. I don't know what his chart looks like, or the day that he passed. I just know that I will truly miss him.

If you're not in a good headspace and need help, please reach out. Crisis Text Line is text "Home" to 741 741. That's just one place to go to.

So onward, upward. That's how Bourdain would have done it. I have new plans to take Astrology With Tori into an accidental but new and hopefully helpful to others frontier.

I'm also working on making my Instagram something spiffy to look at. Who wants to see me in an evening gown, walking through rubble, while holding a bottle of vodka? I bought knockoff Valentino shoes just for the occasion.

I've been all over youtube and intend to continue my tour. You can see me on the following channels now: the amazing Brooke Houts and wordsmith Stormy Davis, and coming to the awesome Kahlen Barry and there are no words for the incomparable Ally Hardesty, where I'll be live with Ally in July! Everyone is offering a reading special as well, so check it out. Because no emo post is complete without shameless self-promotion.

With that said, I have a kitten to attend to, a newsletter to write, and a blog as well. A happy blog, with exciting news, at least it is for me. So stay tuned, and most of all, take care of you."

For those of you who are old and still use Facebook for something other than birthday reminders, here is my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/astrologywithtori/

Yeah, I'm not in the habit of writing about death, much less charting it. It is not my forte, nor do I want it to be. When people ask me in readings when they are going to die, I tell them to pray for a long and happy life, even if I can see it in the horoscope. I just don't want to make a habit of going there. It does no good, especially when life ends by someone's own hands.

So, (I keep saying "so." Sorry about that.) I was asked about a blog post for Tony Bourdain and this is pretty much it. I think I'm going to start focusing on celebrities of the sign of the month and seeing what makes them tick, or maybe get a little personal once or twice. After all, short of my bio page, y'all don't know that much about me. If you're going to pay me to get all up in your business, you should know who you are talking to. Maybe I'll put my chart on Front Street for you all to gawk at and see what makes ME tick. But then maybe you won't want to be my friends anymore? :P

Until then...Au Revior Chef Bourdain. Your Steak Frites were pure and holy.

6/25/56 - 6/8/18

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