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Rates as of 2/1/19

Natal or Transit 25 Minutes: $45

Natal & Horary 25 Minutes: $40

Natal & Transit 45 Minutes: $70

Natal, Transit & Horary 60 Minutes: $100

Synastry: 45-60 Minutes: $125

Astro Life Coaching: 60-75 Minutes $175

Couples Coaching: 60-75 Minutes: $150

Horary: 15 Minutes: $25

VIP Same Day Service +$25 onto Reg Rate

VIP After 8PM CST +$10 onto Regular Rate

(If availability allows.)

Gift Certificates Packages Upon Request

Payment Is Requested Before Service


**Please remember that exact time of birth is needed for your Natal reading. "Sometime in the morning," is not an exact time of birth. "9:57 AM" is.


Questions? Please feel free to contact me. 

To make an appointment, please contact me at tori@astrologywithtori.com or visit the Contact page. 


To avoid confusion, please keep in mind that all appointments are coordinated by CST. 


PayPal, Zelle, & Venmo gratefully accepted.

PayPal & Zelle: schlessv@gmail.com

Venmo: @Victoria-schless 

For entertainment & such. **18+ Only